Expert Coaches with a Passion for Professional Growth

Jim McCarron

20 years of Turn-Around and Change Management Experience

Jim launched his Executive Coaching career after serving in leadership roles in two of the largest companies in the residential…

Laura Porreca

30 Years as Communications and Growth Expert Moving Businesses Forward

Laura specialized in helping businesses grow with strategic communications and leadership coaching. With three decades of experience as a business…

Dr. Jim Glantz

18 Years specializing in Talent Development & Employee Retention

Dr. Jim Glantz is the Managing Partner of The Academy For Leadership And Training (TAFLAT), which is a boutique Executive…

Kim Nugent

Educational Development & Leadership Coach
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Gary Morgan

35 Years of Education & Leadership Talent Development
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Mark Edmead

Transformational IT Consultant, Trainer & Coach with International Impact
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Matt Rush

Vision, Strategy & Leadership Coach
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Paul Jocelyn

25 Years of Organizational Learning and People Strategy
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Phillip Mayer

DoD, Entrepreneurial and Growth Coach for 14 Years
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Robin Martin

18 Years of Comprehensive Learning and Performance Coaching
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Sandra Ng

Stimulating, Engaging Consultant and Coach for 15 Years
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Sharon Lanier

Creating Sustainable Organizational Leadership Programs via Collaboration
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Bernie Stevenson

Innovation & Strategy Business Coach for 15 Years
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Brian Salk, Ph.D.

Training & Organizational Development Coach for 25 Years
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Tasso Kallianiotis

IT Professional, Strategy & Implementation for 25 Years
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Maura Dolan

Executive Coach & Leadership Training
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Reem Darwish

15 Years Leading Professional Development Initatives
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Toni Cooper

20 Years as a Versatile and Adaptable Strategic Planner
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Erin Cambier

Senior Facilitator with 15 Years of Leadership & Management
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Thomas Brooks

Innovation Management & Technology Start Up Coach
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Eric Bloom

CIO & IT Leadership Coach for 30 Years
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Crystal Bessix

Passionate Performance Driven Coach for 15 Years
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Susan Anderson

27 Years of Legal, Compliance and HR Expertise
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Brian Ackles

27 Years as Senior Project Professional & Coach
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