Online LIVE®

Training on Your Terms

When I started this class I was a little apprehensive about the Online Learning but what I have learned is that it is as interactive if not more so than an instructor led class.

BOB A, Austin, TX
Reduce Training Costs
More Dates & Times
Train Your Whole Staff
1-Year Access to Course Materials
Collaborate in Real-Time
Simple to Use

A Better Way to Learn

With OLL, you travel less and spend less—but get a whole lot more. Our virtual learning platform is simple to access via Adobe Connect, and features live collaboration, face-to-face communication, virtual labs and much more. Let the training come to you with OLL.

Do More with Online Live

  • Use live video and audio feeds to participate in discussions
  • Gain hands-on experience by performing virtual labs
  • See course materials, including documents and presentations, in real time
  • Play back any class or topic for review
  • Complete team activities in virtual group settings
  • Participate in discussions with your coach and fellow students
  • Engage in one-on-one mentoring sessions with your coach during a course with remote sharing technology.

The interface is intuitive; I have video full time with the instructor, I can communicate easily with the microphone or via text chat. The labs have been sensational. I would highly recommend online live learning.

BOB A, Austin, TX