Who We Are

The Center for Leadership and Development by New Horizons Computer Learning Centers is dedicated to improving businesses and improving lives. We are problem solvers, experienced business leaders, coaches, mentors and experts in personal and professional development. Our mission is to connect organizations and individuals with passionate development experts who deliver engaging, interactive coaching seminars that elevate individual performance and help teams and companies thrive in the modern business environment.


What We Do

CLD’s expert coaches deliver dynamic and bold development courses in the areas of professional development, interpersonal communication and management and leadership development that enhance business and personal skills to help solve critical business challenges, create effective teams and drive financial success.

Our approach starts with our coaches—Every one of our whom are former or current business professionals with decades of experience in their area of expertise, allowing them to offer invaluable perspectives on the real-world application of the skills that they teach. They are both teachers and mentors, engaging with participants on a personal level to unearth their potential for greatness.


A Proven Record of Success

Since 1982, New Horizons—the largest independent IT training provider in the world—has provided more than 30 million students with industry-leading technical training that delivers the most relevant and intuitive computer courses and certifications. CLD draws on this experience—and continues this tradition of excellence.

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Award-Winning Professional Training

New Horizons has been recognized with dozens of industry honors and awards. We continuously strive to reach higher levels of excellence in everything that we do.